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Honda digital ad budget to grow. Plan aims to end the fight for Google spots.

Honda dealers are endorsing factory plans to increase spending next year for digital advertising.

The plans were detailed at the 2014 Honda Dealer Advertising Conference held June 24-25 in Las Vegas, according to documents obtained by Automotive News.

The dealers also welcome new guidelines from Honda and Acura designed to prevent dealers from competing with the factory for the same ad positions on Google search results.

In 2015, Honda Divisionintends to increase its digital ad spending to 24 percent of its total ad budget from 18 percent in 2014, said three people who attended a presentation on the Honda ad budget at the conference.

 Meantime, the money will come out of TV ad spending, which dips to 72 percent of the total ad budget from 78 percent in 2014. Print and radio spending remains at 2 percent each, the people said.

Honda spokeswoman Jessica Howell declined to comment on the new plans for digital advertising, saying the conference and documents were confidential.

Honda Division in the United States spent $662 million on traditional media, including TV, in 2013, according to Advertising Age, a sister publication of Automotive News. The figure excludes digital advertising.


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