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“But, Does it Sell Cars?” A New Podcast Educates Automotive Retailers About Social Media

SOCIALDEALER, the original social media agency for automotive, is releasing the educational podcast “But, Does it Sell Cars?”. The audio collaboration is the first of its kind and explores social advertising results that will positively affect a dealership’s bottom line. Answering the question, Does social media actually help dealerships sell more cars? The first three episodes of the podcast series will be available for download sometime this August. “Time is a valuable currency. We want our dealer and industry partners to be able to listen and learn on their own time, and this podcast is a great avenue to do that,” explained Bill Reilly, Chief Executive Officer for SOCIALDEALER.

The episodes are hosted by John McAdams, Vice President of SOCIALDEALER and a former General Manager of five dealership rooftops with profit and loss responsibility for all. Over the past 15 years, McAdams has educated dealerships on how to sell and service more cars profitably through progressive digital solutions.

“As dealers, when it relates to social advertising, you have to inspect what you expect. The purpose behind our podcast, ‘But Does it Sell Cars?’, is to educate the industry on getting incredible results with social and how to set the right benchmarks for your store,” said McAdams.

The podcast also features Coleman Craddock-Willis, a Partner Manager on the Facebook Automotive team based in Austin, TX. He has impacted various Tier 3 agencies and dealers across the country with his knowledge of the full funnel social marketing strategy while educating on the importance of effective response automotive advertising.

“If I can educate the dealer well enough about the benefits using social advertising, it sells itself, and that’s really an exciting place to be,” said Craddock-Willis.

Listeners can expect to learn, laugh, and challenge what they know about social media today, especially as it is used to help automotive retailers sell and service more cars profitably. Each of the podcast episodes will run approximately 30 minutes and cover topics like using social media to find your perfect customer audience and setting up effective budgets to get the ideal results from social advertising.

Craddock-Willis communicated, “It’s about advanced solutions to sell cars! What you can do on Facebook is not the same as other marketing channels in terms of how you can present yourself as a dealership, and that’s a conversation that needs to happen.”

No previous social advertising knowledge is needed to understand the content covered in the first three episodes. The episodes educate dealership and automotive industry professionals on how to build the right foundation for social success. Craddock-Willis also discusses updates for social advertising in the near future as it relates to the automotive vertical.

“Don’t be a bystander and watch all these other dealers using social media to help them sell and service more cars in 2019 and 2020. It is our plan to go deeper as products and services within the Facebook and social platforms become more advanced for the automotive industry,” commented McAdams.

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Founded by a dealer principal in 2008, SOCIALDEALER is the original full-service social media agency designed to serve the automotive industry. They provide the highest quality social and reputation services to support OEM, Tier 2, and Tier 3 programs. Since their beginning, SOCIALDEALER has been a Facebook/Instagram beta and alpha partner for the industry. They are among the first agencies to have an entire Facebook Blueprint Certified account management team. The success of their clients and services are featured in Facebook Business. For more information call 866-673-7887 or visit them online at



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